don’t forget the dessert beer!

23 Nov

we are all finishing the final details for the big thanksgiving feast tomorrow – brining the turkey, baking the pies, mashing the potatoes. but before you rush off to your final turkey day destination, we just wanted to remind you to pick up some beer. not that you would forget, as you will hopefully be drinking a few pints while watching football, like i will be. but in addition to the beer you will be drinking while watching the game and eating some bird, i thought i would give you a few recommendations for what to drink alongside that slice of pie (or two, let’s be honest) that you will be enjoying for dessert. if you don’t want port or coffee or spiced cider, you don’t have to settle for them.

here are a few of our favorite beers that should pair fantastically with that dessert of yours!

Pumpkin Pie? Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown or Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown.

Pecan Pie? try Schneider’s Aventinus, a wheat dopplebock.  that is a really sugary pie, and the malt/wheat combo of this beer will help tone that down.  plus it has some of those banany-clove esters that are prevalent in the style.

Anything chocolate? go with Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout.

Apple Pie? try the Ayinger Celebrator, a dopplebock, that will offer a slightly sweet maltiness, without being heavy, that will balance nicely with the the cinnamon spice and tart apples in the pie.

Sweet potato pie? a bourbon barrel aged beer. bourbon and sweet potatoes is a pairing for the ages. if you haven’t tried it before, pour some bourbon in the next time you whip up some sweet potatoes. steer more toward a dark ale rather than a stout, which could be a bit too roasty and heavy for this pie. Lompoc’s Bourbon Barrel Aged LSD would be perfect. If you can’t find the LSD and are willing to spend some money try Allagash’s Curiex Bourbon Barrel Aged Tripel.

Ice cream? Young’s Double Chocolate Stout will make a perfect float.

Cheesecake on the menu? try a Lambic.  it will help cut through the richness and go well with the cream. if there is chocolate or berries involved definitely go with Cascade’s Sang Noir or Kriek beer. it’s a little less sweet and a bit more tart, which will go perfectly.

enjoy! and give thanks for great beer! happy thanksgiving all.


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