tonight: drink holiday beer. drink Lompoc.

29 Nov

Just a reminder that tonight is Lompoc’s Holiday beer release at the Sidebar.  Block out your calendar for a “meeting” Tuesday afternoon, and leave work early.  The festivities begin at 4pm.  Last week you got Miranda’s take on all the beers, here is mine to get you thirsty for tonight’s festivities.

Blitzen:  Great food beer.  I think Lompoc should change the name and release it before thanksgiving.  If you get to the party early, grab a plate of food and start with this beer.   I did note the lemon zest was a bit strong, which I liked, but could see someone objecting to it.

Cherry Christmas:  The beer was not fully carbonated at the tasting; I am looking forward to tasting the mature beer.  But from the testing this is a good mild sour beer.  If you’ve never tried a sour beer before, this is a great place to start.

Brewdoph:  If you do not like a German hefeweizen you might try a taster before diving into a pint.  If you like beer where the yeast imparts a cloves-n-fruit flavor, this is your winter ale.  I will be having a pint or two.

Holiday Cheer:  An excellent porter with just enough vanilla bean to give the beer a nice depth.  Do yourself a favor and stop by Pix next door to buy a few of your favorite chocolates, then grab a pint of this porter and sit by the fire in the Sidebar.   You are sure to forget it was gray all day and dark before you got your first glass.

Jolly Bock:  I look forward to trying this beer again.  At the first tasting this beer tasted young to me.  Under carbonation aside, this beer has potential, lightly sweet nose and a rich balanced taste.  One might mistake this beer as Old Tavern Rat’s little brother.

C-Sons Greetings:  It is good to know all the hoppy beers are not hibernating for the winter.  Last year’s C-sons was one of my favorite IPAs of the year.  It started with an awesome hop nose, a big malt backbone to balance the hops and a resinous finish that was almost sweet.    The 2011 C-sons has a wonderfully citrusy nose, medium body and a dry bitter finish.  If you can remember last years C-Sons greetings, try this year’s and let me know what you think.  I have a feeling the split will be close to 50/50 between those who like a slightly bigger bodied beer and those who prefer a beer with a nice dry finish.

Bourbon Barrel aged C-son Greetings:  Who would have guessed an oaky/woody IPA would work so well.  The uniqueness of the beer makes it the most interesting (best?) of Lompoc’s holiday beer releases.

Old Tavern Rat/ Bourbon Barrel aged Old Tavern Rat:  I am as big of a hophead as anyone but I have generally found American barleywines just wrong. One hundred IBUs just don’t fit with the malty sweetness a barley wine offers.  The Old Tavern Rat is what a barleywine should be, a balanced beer with noticeable malty sweetness that finishes with a warming alcohol.  I have already talked about the Bourbon Barrel aged Old Tavern Rat, but in short, the addition of the vanilla and bourbon flavor from the barrel bring this beer as close as one can get to beer candy in a glass without going to far.

See you at the Sidebar tonight.  Now, does anybody have a foolproof excuse for dosing at work?  I may need it Wednesday morning.


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