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Fantasia Tasting 1/20/2012

31 Jan

I know this post is as late as lame gets, but after a week and a few “friendly” reminders, lets see what I can pull out of this brain.  Brian, Miranda and I went down to Upright Brewing two Fridays ago to taste the Fantasia, a peach lambic.

First, a word about me and peaches.  In my opinion (in other words if you disagree you are wrong), there is no food as delicious as the perfect peach…straight off the tree, so sweet and juicy you have to change your shirt afterward.  That kind of peach is the world’s best food.

Since I have put the peach above all foods, I am always a bit leery of any food or drink made with peach.  All too often the peach comes off as kinda fake tasting.  Not to slam Fearless Brewing, as I like some of their beers, but an example is Fearless’ Peaches and Cream Ale.  This beer has extract written all over it – gag.

Well, I am happy to report Upright pulled this off beautifully.   Continue reading


Bigger Badder Blacker on a Monday Night

25 Jan

It is a rare event that I go out on a Monday night for a beer.  As in: I have a three-year old rare.  But occasionally something comes up and piques my interest enough for me to cash in some hard-earned “points” from the wife for a weeknight beer.  Last night was one of those nights.  Miranda had come across an ad for the Bigger Badder Blacker Beer Week at Belmont Station and passed it along to Michael and I.  Normally I read these with interest but resign myself to the fact that I will talk about making it the following weekend, always forgetting to do so.  This time though?  This time I saw that they were pouring Barley Brown’s Turmoil.

Now I see beers on menus that I want to try all the time.  That doesn’t mean I rush out at the first opportunity to try them.  Why was this different?  Well…Michael and Miranda, over the years, have constantly regaled me with the story of their trip to Baker City and an awe-inspiring tasting of the Turmoil from several years ago.  That night the brewer, Shawn Kelso, took some time to talk with them and also share some Chaos (aged Turmoil) that was slated for that particular year’s GABF.  Michael has raved about the Turmoil and Chaos ever since and claims it is his favorite CDA/Black IPA of all time.  Consequently, it was important that I made an honest effort to see what all the fuss was about. Continue reading

be festive. drink Festivale.

24 Jan

Just because the holidays are over, I don’t feel I need to stop being festive. Do you? I mean, we spend all this time building up to the holidays and then BAM! They’re over before you’ve even had time to enjoy them. You were too busy baking that tenth batch of cookies, knitting or crafting the last of your gifts, and trying to survive that horrid shopping abyss – dodging the masses of cranky, stressed, and exhausted people trying to keep your sanity before you punch someone in the throat. In the days leading up to Christmas, you have probably forgotten to indulge in relaxation.

At least that’s how I feel, so the last thing I want to do come new years day is get back on my feet, take down those lights, remove all the Christmas tree decorations, and say goodbye to that nice, natural pine smell in my house. I want more nog, more cookies, more holiday beer, and more college football. So, this year, I let the holidays linger. I waited until this past weekend to finally take down my tree (don’t judge), I bought a couple extra six packs of Terminal Gravity’s Festivale, and I spent a couple lazy Saturday’s watching college hoops and the road to the Superbowl. Continue reading

It’s on like Black Dawn: the results

22 Jan

And the winner is…well….depends who you ask! but in the spirit of this post, we agreed on a tie:

Black Dawn III (single origin El Salvador) and 2009 Pre-Dawn Imperial Stout

Everyone had listed those beers as either a #1 or #2 on their individual rankings. Below are all the details on each of the beers in order to help you decide which Lompoc to visit over the next couple of weeks.  I know the El Salvadorian is on tap at the Sidebar right now, but you will have to check with your local Lompoc to see which Black Dawns they are currently serving as some of the years and blends are extremely limited from what Zach, the brewer, tells me.

Continue reading

I need a drink

20 Jan

We all have days like the one I had today.  I’ll spare you the details, but it goes a little something like this: terrible management at work, poor decisions made, your workload increases, no accountability for the mistakes, blah, blah, blah.  To top it all off, you feel like you’ve been in a street fight from your old-man basketball game the night before.  Add it all up and someone needs a drink when they get home.  I called the wife, told her I wasn’t touching a pan in the kitchen, and proceeded to open up a 22 oz. Burnside Brewing Stock Ale.  The Stock Ale is labeled as their version of an ESB (which is essentially a Pale Ale, just not super hop-forward).  I have to say…it was one of the most enjoyable beers I have had in a while.

  Continue reading

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