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Choc one up for Oklahoma

28 Feb

As I noted before, we are spending our time away from it all, in a dry county nonetheless! So, we picked up another sampler pack from a regional brewery. This time from Choc in Krebs, Oklahoma.

If you read our last post you know we didn’t get very lucky with that sampler pack. In fact, a few of the bottles are still in the fridge and we have all been avoiding them. Well, when we opened this sampler pack, our luck didn’t seem to get much better. There were supposed to be six bottles, each a different beer / style. Unfortunately, we were missing the Waving Wheat, their take on the classic Belgian “witbier” and instead received two 1919’s, the original Choc beer, a wheat ale that made the company famous, or infamous, as the box suggests. But that’s where our luck changed. We really enjoyed the Choc box as well as their seasonal stout and the 22’s we picked up of some of their specialty brews. So we are a little bummed we didn’t get to try the Waving Wheat, as everything else we drank showed us that it probably would have been true to style and enjoyable to drink. So, if you see any Choc in your local bottle shop, we suggest you pick some up and give it a try, and let us know how the Waving Wheat tastes.
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I’m Confused

22 Feb

Why am I confused, you ask?  Well, the good folks at Pyramid have managed to brew, bottle, and market a beer that confuses me.  While perusing one of the many beer blogs that exist in Portland several weeks ago, I came across a post about the the new labels at Pyramid and how they were trying to “up their game”.  I found myself wondering how the beers tasted, as I have yet to have a Pyramid brew since moving to Portland.  My knowledge of Pyramid is limited at best, so I cruised the website trying to see what was going on at the brewery.  I managed to get some useful information, but lost track of picking up a bottle…until this afternoon.

I was walking down the beer aisle at Freddy’s today, when I saw the Discord Dark IPA on sale for $2.47 for a 22 oz bottle.  What a deal, right?  I figured it was worth the really minimal investment to check out the beer.  I have had several really, really good Black IPAs/CDAs recently (Turmoil being one that was downright un-fucking-believable), so I figured I would keep the streak going. Continue reading

Boulevard’s a Bust

20 Feb

Every time we travel, we try to find local craft beer to try, and when that fails we go regional. So, here we are in Arkansas, a little outside of Hot Springs, in a one light town. No brewpubs to be found, so we went in search of a bottle shop. The best selection was at the Wine Rack and Spirits Shoppe in Hot Springs. You know you’re not in Oregon anymore when the best beer shop doesn’t even have beer or bottle in the name. They had some Diamond Bear, brewed in Little Rock, but more on that later. On our little outing, we found no other beers brewed here in the Natural State even though there are a handful of breweries in Little Rock and Fayetteville, with just as many planned for the near future. So we went regionally and picked up a couple sampler packs and 22’s of beers from the South and Midwest that we don’t see at home. First up was Boulevard Brewing from Kansas City, Missouri.

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Wurstfest 2012

19 Feb

Few things go together as well as beer and festivals, especially festivals built around food. This past weekend was a prime example of how great the pairing can be. In honor of our recent birthdays, the wife, our friend Ben, and I were able to take a day off from work and head out to Mt. Angel, OR, for their 4th Annual Wurstfest: A Celebration of German Sausage.

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My Christmas Presents, part III

17 Feb

Labyrinth Black Ale

The Labyrinth is part of Unita Brewing’s Crooked line of beers.  They have a cute little story about how the crooked path is more fun, blah blah blah.  This is a black ale brewed with licorice sticks that clocks in at 13.2% from a brewery in Salt Lake City, Utah!  This is the same state that just made happy hour illegal.  I assumed day old Kool-Aid had too much alcohol in it to be served in Utah.  Guess I should have listened to my Mom about ASSumptions.  Seriously, is there anyone out there that can clear up Utah’s ass backwards liquor laws for me?  Is a beer like this for “export” only?  But before anyone thinks I am not accepting of all craft beer or at least willing to give a new one a try, lets get down to tasting this bad boy, all 750mL.  Did I mention its 13.2%?

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