My Bloody Valentine

14 Feb

Well we aren’t much for valentines day. Never have been. It wasn’t til we got home from work that I suggested takeout to celebrate so we wouldn’t have to cook! I can find pretty much any reason not to clean a kitchen and do dishes on a week night. A holiday? That is the easiest excuse and most guilt free reason I can think of. Then I thought, holidays aren’t complete without beer either. And in this town, I was certain I could find a valentines beer. And that’s how our takeout plans morphed into a trip to Seraveza.

For all you beer lovers out there, Alameda Brewing made My Bloody Valentine for this lust-filled, candy-fueled, pink-drenched holiday.

This is a farmhouse style ale brewed with blood oranges. It’s a cloudy, light amber with a very gentle, slightly sweet, bready nose. The citrus is almost undetectable on the nose and light and floral in taste. If you’ve never had a farmhouse ale before, then this might be a good place to start. There are subtle hops, an orange blossom like flavor, and a very light earthiness. Not nearly as musty as some farmhouse ales, this was an easy drinking beer. That said, based on the name and description, I felt a longing for something more – more orange, a little tartness, some spice, a bit of danger, I don’t know…

It ended up being a really nice night. Nothing like taking care of your hearts with a trip to the gym, some pasties, and a couple beers with the one you love! We hope that today you did whatever you like to indulge, appreciate yourself, relax, and share the love. Happy Valentines day!


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