Aggies! Aggies! Goooooooooo, Aggies!

12 Mar

It’s already a fantastic time of year, what with March Madness and all.  It gets even better when your Alma Mater (New Mexico State) makes it into the field of 68 (I will never get used to that number…it’s 64, dammit!).  Even better than all that?  They are playing here in Portland!

If you recall, I have tickets to the opening rounds this year at the Rose Garden.  Just so happens that the Aggies beat LA Tech last night and made the Dance.  Their reward?  A 13-seed and a  match up with the Indiana Hoosiers.  That’s a tough mountain to climb for the Aggies, but they are one of the top rebounding and inside scoring teams in the nation, so I expect them to take it to Indiana if nothing else.

I had to celebrate the fact that I get to catch the Aggies in action, so I opened up a Black Butte XXI after dinner.  Some beers are just meant to be held on to until the right occasion.  This is that occasion.

Let the Madness ensue.


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