Father Jack

29 Mar

After tasting the *amazing* Night Stalker from Goose Island Brewing on our trip to NYC last spring, we have been on the lookout to try any other Goose Island we can find. So we picked up a bottle of 2010 PERE Jacques when we saw it. A Belgian-style abbey ale, Miranda forfeited the review to me, since this is not her favorite style and she knew I would have a greater appreciation for the Pere Jacques.  She was right as this beer was very true to style.

It poured a beautiful golden amber color with a sparse head and a complex nose of various fruits: currants, raspberries, figs, dates. Which one exactly, is hard to say. This was the best part of the beer, which speaks more to how fantastically complex the aroma was and not to any weakness in the drinkability of the beer. There was no noticeable hop to speak of, which I did not necessarily expect since it is a Belgian-style ale. It was sweet with the lightest buttery-ness on the tongue and a reasonably strong alcohol finish. This was a hefty, bigger bodied beer where the extra alcohol was needed to help balance all the malt. Although it didn’t make the same statement as the Night Stalker (you must drink it if you find it), it was definitely a nice belgian-style ale.


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