I’m no longer confused

4 Apr

Pyramid is making really, really good beers. Although their Discord Dark IPA had left me wondering as to it’s particular style, it was still a very tasty beer. Michael had it several weeks after my initial post, and he agreed it was solid.

I picked up the Pyramid Outburst Imperial IPA last Friday for movie night with the kiddo. I wanted to see how their other new bottles were tasting. Plus, the price of $2.49 was too inviting to pass up. While the daughter watched Ratatouille, I poured the beer and snacked on some Olympic Provisions capicola. I gotta say, this beer was spot on for an Imperial IPA. Deep caramel color, lovely citrus hop nose, and sweet initially with a well balanced bitterness at the end. The beer has great body and is a smooth drinker. Someone is nailing these beers at their brewery…and selling them for a great price. If I didn’t recommend these beers enough the first time, consider this a huge thumbs up for Pyramid’s new line up.

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