beer for the burgled

16 Apr

Just another boring start to the week, right? Wrong. Double wrong. Fist through your back window kinda wrong. I came home tonight, got ready to hit the turbokick class at the gym, only to find out that the back window of my car had been busted out, everything had been rifled through, some of my things had been stolen, and there were blood marks left on just about every seat. Motherfucker! At that point, I really was ready to turbokick some ass!

What’s one to do in this situation?
Find the strongest beer in the house.

How does 17.5% ABV sound?

The name of the beer?
Black. by Mikkeller.
Simple, I like that.

A Christmas present from Brian (yeah, I think I’m the last one to drink their Christmas present, that’s okay), I was waiting for a memorable moment to drink this bad boy. Pretty fuckin’ memorable, right?!

Holy mother of the earth! I didn’t even have the bottle cap completely off when there was a sudden dark, fruity aroma overwhelming me.  Accompanied by some dark molasses notes, the alcohol is noticeable, but not overwhelming.  I also detected a hint of coffee, but the nose is primarily sweet, and fantastic. And black is right! This baby poured black with a thick, creamy dark head that stuck around for a while. Even halfway through there is a thin layer sitting on top of my beer and clinging to the edge of my glass.

The nose is definitely sweeter than it tastes, though. Don’t get me wrong, there is a slight sweetness, like blackstrap molasses that carries through on the palette, but there is a lot more going on that doesn’t make this beer sweet by any means. First thoughts: strong. bold. complex. warm…. Just what I needed. There is a bitter astringency that stays on the tongue long after I’ve put down my glass, probably from all the roasted malts they put in this beer. The alcohol wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be, the beer is definitely smooth for 17.5%, but I definitely felt it as it ran down my throat and warmed up my belly. Although I picked this beer because it was packing a punch, it was much more than the alcohol. Mikkeller delivered, yet again, another well-conceived and well-brewed beer.

All-in-all a nice night cap before bed to help me relax. Now, if I only had two, I might forget tonight all together – although, then tomorrow might be another disaster!!


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