R.I.P. New Old Lompoc

30 Apr

your mom loves Lompoc

There really is no need to re-hash the circumstances surrounding the closure of the New Old Lompoc on NW 23rd.  It’s been a topic of blog posts in many different spots for a couple of weeks now.

Due to the impending destruction of the NOL, Miranda, Michael, and I met up with our friend Rob last night to see the Ol’ Girl off in style with a few pints.  Miranda and Michael went with the aptly named Lompocalypse IPA and I did what any self-respecting fan of NOL would do…I had a pint of Stout Out Loud.

It was nice to spend one last evening in the place.  Even better to get a good look at the Evil Jesus painting that will hopefully (fingers crossed y’all) make it back up on the wall when they re-open in 2013.  Nothing like kitch on the walls of a LEED Gold pub!  Hope everyone made it down once this past week, and I can’t wait for the New New Old Lompoc to be back in business!

goodbye ol’ friend


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