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The Beer of Bend, OR

28 May

I am pretty lucky to live in Portland, Oregon…especially when it comes to beer.  There are a plethora of taphouses, bottle shops, and breweries to choose from any day of the week.  A trip to the coast and its myriad brewpubs is only about an hour from my front door.  The same goes for Hood River and its breweries/pubs.  It would take some time to work your way through all of them, and lord knows I have been making the effort to.

The one part of the state that I had yet to visit for a beer-related trip was Bend.  At just over 3 hours away, it’s not exactly a there-and-back day trip.  So when I was recently presented with the opportunity to enhance my professional knowledge and network with various members of my chosen field in Bend at a statewide conference, my first thought was: Hell yeah! It’s time to drink some beer! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Oakland

24 May

A couple of weeks ago, while grabbing a Happy Hour pint at the Sidebar, I picked up a copy of Beer West magazine that was lying on the bar.  I came across a nice article about Oakland, California and its expanding craft beer scene.  Needless to say, I was intrigued by several of the places mentioned by the author.  The problem was that I was not going to be in Oakland anytime soon…so what’s a newbie beer blogger to do?  Sounds like a job for My buddy Chad!  A big beer enthusiast and aspiring home brewer, I knew Chad would be up for a visit to a bottle shop and another guest post with us.  What follows is just a snippet of what Chad experienced, so if you find yourself in the Bay Area make it a point to check out some thing new. Continue reading

Craft beer in Troutdale, OR?

17 May

With the wife and daughter out of town, I had the opportunity to throw back a few pints on a weeknight, which is kind of a rare thing. Seizing upon the opportunity, I contacted a friend in Troutdale to accompany me to Brewligans, a new tap house and bottle shop along Main Street. I had been made aware of the place back in January, and had even stopped in to pick up a few bottles on a visit to the city for work, but I had yet to saddle up and have a few pints from the taplist.

I gotta say…it was a really nice experience and Troutdale (and the East Side) are lucky to have this shop. Take full advantage, people! This is a nice little oasis in the middle of Coors Light Country! Continue reading

The Good Life

13 May

So, Brian and I ended up in Bend on Thursday at the state planning conference for work. Given the recent move for Tanya from Bend Brewing Company to 10 Barrel and the press in the NY Times for Good Life, the newest brewery in Bend, we thought we should double up on our time while on the east side of the Cascades and do some serious beer tasting. So, here I find myself, on the west side of town, with a pint of IPA and my best friend, on a beautiful evening. Not a bad life, eh?

Continue reading

Kicking off Cinco de Mayo with a Black IPA?

10 May

With Miranda still groggy from sleeping off the Blue dot she had the night before, I sat down with a pile of avocados to make the guacamole for the Cinco de Mayo party. While I was working, Brian handed me half of an Alaskan Black IPA. Sure, a Modelo would have been a more appropriate beverage for this party, but the day was young, and there was always room for a Mexican beer or two. Continue reading

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