Craft beer in Troutdale, OR?

17 May

With the wife and daughter out of town, I had the opportunity to throw back a few pints on a weeknight, which is kind of a rare thing. Seizing upon the opportunity, I contacted a friend in Troutdale to accompany me to Brewligans, a new tap house and bottle shop along Main Street. I had been made aware of the place back in January, and had even stopped in to pick up a few bottles on a visit to the city for work, but I had yet to saddle up and have a few pints from the taplist.

I gotta say…it was a really nice experience and Troutdale (and the East Side) are lucky to have this shop. Take full advantage, people! This is a nice little oasis in the middle of Coors Light Country!

Before heading over, I met my friend Neil, and his brother Gene, at Ye Olde Pub for a few preliminary pints. While the old men drank Coors Light (I told you!), I decided to try the Widmere Oatmeal Porter and a Ninkasi IPA. The Ninkasi was exactly what I expected: comfortable and refreshing, while the Widmere was ok: interesting flavor (like it had some barrel-aged notes) but clearly with some metallic off-flavor notes from oxidization. After the appetizers there, it was time for the new shop in town.

Brewligans bills itself as a bottle shop online, but it really feels more like a taphouse that sells a few bottles. Their selection is solid, but they only have three coolers, so they are limited in what they can carry. That being said, they are doing their best to cover a wide range of bases when it comes to their beer. From Maharaja and Double Jack, to C-Note, Boont Amber and Ft. George OPA, they are carrying a wide assortment of brews. Unfortunately, they have not been able to update their website with what is in their coolers, thus making it tough to know what is in there at any given time. There is a small “corkage fee” for their beers ($1 I think) which is somewhat lower than some of the bottle shops in Portland.

Their taplist online is also lacking. They clearly update it, but not often enough. As of today, it is showing 3 beers that were not even available when I was there. However, that shouldn’t take away from the fact that they have great beers on tap. I myself had two Black Diamond Pale Ales and a Hop Venom from Boneyard. They also had beers from Elysian and Great Divide when I was there. This is a bottle shop/tap house that knows what is up. They are putting 6 great drafts on at any one time and stocking their coolers with a wide array of beer styles to suit many different tastes. I asked the owner how business has been, and he said that it couldn’t be better. If there is one thing that the East side was lacking, it was a great location to get a pint of craft beer AND a bottle to take home. Did I also mention that they have the original Nintendo and plenty of games to go with it? Oh, I didn’t? Well…get yourself out to Troutdale for a pint and some Super Mario Bros. You will not be disappointed with Brewligans.


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