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Drink Organic

30 Jun

Let the beer festivals begin! July is craft beer month here in Oregon, and literally, there are more beer events, activities, and festivals than there are days in the month. Did you say, “but it’s not July?” Good point. See, there are so many events, that they have to spill over a little. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. I know, I know…the curse of the blessed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. It does, however, require you to prioritize: pick your favorites? pick a couple new events? a little of both?

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What’s in a Shandy?

25 Jun

Oh, Shandy!

Good question.  I was not familiar with the term “shandy” until quite recently.  At a recent happy hour at Spirit of ’77, a co-worker ordered the shandy, which turned out to be a combination of Vortex IPA and Campari.  I was intrigued, both by the flavor and composition of the drink and decided it was time to explore the many variations of the shandy.

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Beer and Cupcakes

21 Jun

Probably not the best thing to eat/drink at 10 PM, but what the hell, right?

That title got your attention, didn’t it?  Not much to complain about if you have one of each, right?  Tonight was all about the cupcakes, and it ended up getting me thinking about a beer in the fridge.  Next thing I know, I’m enjoying both.

I’ve been trying to perfect this coconut cake recipe that I tried last week, and I decided to take it down to a cupcake to see if I could get similar results, or possibly a better one.  Cupcakes seem to have the ability to enhance the cake experience for the eater, plus you can pack a shit-ton of flavor into a small delivery system.  I like to hollow mine out and fill them with something “extra”.  This time it is a coconut pastry cream mixed with some whipped cream.  A little coconut buttercream frosting and toasted coconut and these babies are ready for consumption.  While “testing” one of the final coconut cupcakes, I had an epiphany…more like I just realized I had a Ken Schmidt / Maui / Stone Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter in the garage.  Could there be a better beer to go with a coconut cupcake?  Probably not.  Glad I saved it for a special occasion. Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day

17 Jun

If you want to make the Show, you gotta know how to handle a Curveball

Give it up for all the dads out there!  Happy Fathers Day to everyone of them.  Spent mine chilling with the fam at home.  Kind of had a late night at Miranda’s last night.  Lots of wine and a fantastic dinner from Michael.  It’s great to have friends you can sit with over a long, leisurely meal and 8 bottles of wine…

Since I really took it to the face last night, I decided to have one Fathers Day beer only.  While working in the yard this afternoon I went with the Curveball Blonde Ale from Pyramid.  This is a seasonal beer that is usually released with the Seattle Mariners season getting underway.  The beer is nice and bright, with a snappy hop flavor and finish.  Very refreshing and drinkable on a nice day out in the yard. Continue reading

10 Barrel reaches its Apex

9 Jun


Kicking off PDX beer week enjoying 15 taps of 10 Barrel brewing at Apex in SE Portland. This one is the One Hop Wonder Strong Pale, which I think might be my favorite of theirs that I have had to date! Really nice hop paired with a hefty, fruity biscuity malt. We also really liked the Red Vine Sinister. The description of red licorice was a little scary, but honestly, this was a really well made beer. The red vine was clear, but so was the traditional, dark, sessionable ale. It was just like drinking beer through a red vine straw – they even nailed the airiness of the red vine. This was a total mindfuck of a beer – beer and candy flavors at the same time. But not sweet at all. Lastly, unless you are enjoying a Belgian waffle at the time, we recommend you steer clear of the Mighty 45 Bourbon Maple.

Get out there and enjoy some beer at your favorite haunt! A PDX beer pint will get you discounts all over town.

See you out there!

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