Lunch with Lila

1 Jun

Today’s lunch break brought me to Hair of the Dog where I enjoyed some insanely good beef short ribs and fatty brussel sprouts. Our waitress told us about a new beer on tap. Lila. A Maibock named after the brewer’s mother and released on mother’s day. Excited about something new and a lager on a warm day, I went with it.

First impression was a very fruity nose, and a fine dose of hop that I wasn’t expecting from a lager. It poured a beautiful, clean amber color with a nice creamy head.

In this case, what you smell is what you get. The mouthfeel was clean and crisp. Not heavy. Not thin. Just as it should be. It was brewed with organic pilsner malt and northwest hops giving it just enough hop to balance the malt, which is all fruity – almost tropical. Think papaya and apricot, plus a slight banana (but not like a hefeweizen banana, much more subtle). The fruit comes through first and then the hop, which is mild. As the beer warmed, the spiciness from the hops came through more and the nose got sweeter. Overall, I was very pleased with my choice. This was a well balanced, delicious beer.

As my lunch date said, “that Lila. Shes a beauty.” Next time you head down to Hair of the Dog, check her out! And don’t forget to let us know what you thought.


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