10 Barrel reaches its Apex

9 Jun


Kicking off PDX beer week enjoying 15 taps of 10 Barrel brewing at Apex in SE Portland. This one is the One Hop Wonder Strong Pale, which I think might be my favorite of theirs that I have had to date! Really nice hop paired with a hefty, fruity biscuity malt. We also really liked the Red Vine Sinister. The description of red licorice was a little scary, but honestly, this was a really well made beer. The red vine was clear, but so was the traditional, dark, sessionable ale. It was just like drinking beer through a red vine straw – they even nailed the airiness of the red vine. This was a total mindfuck of a beer – beer and candy flavors at the same time. But not sweet at all. Lastly, unless you are enjoying a Belgian waffle at the time, we recommend you steer clear of the Mighty 45 Bourbon Maple.

Get out there and enjoy some beer at your favorite haunt! A PDX beer pint will get you discounts all over town.

See you out there!


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