Happy Fathers Day

17 Jun

If you want to make the Show, you gotta know how to handle a Curveball

Give it up for all the dads out there!  Happy Fathers Day to everyone of them.  Spent mine chilling with the fam at home.  Kind of had a late night at Miranda’s last night.  Lots of wine and a fantastic dinner from Michael.  It’s great to have friends you can sit with over a long, leisurely meal and 8 bottles of wine…

Since I really took it to the face last night, I decided to have one Fathers Day beer only.  While working in the yard this afternoon I went with the Curveball Blonde Ale from Pyramid.  This is a seasonal beer that is usually released with the Seattle Mariners season getting underway.  The beer is nice and bright, with a snappy hop flavor and finish.  Very refreshing and drinkable on a nice day out in the yard.

I have been making hay about Pyramid’s beers lately (see here and here), with good reason.  They have won me back over with their solid lineup and incredibly low prices.  Maybe that continues, maybe it doesn’t, but you could do a lot worse than a 22 oz bomber of Pyramid beer right now…any one of them really.  I am sure I’ll find this on tap at SafeCo at the end of the month (I am catching a Sox game there) and plan on having more than one while cheering on the Mariners.  Consider this my last shameless plug for Pyramid.  I’ve done three posts now, and it’s probably time to broaden my search for summer beers.

Food Pairing: Rock this with a Fried Oyster Po’ Boy, BBQ Chicken, Shrimp Tacos, or even a gaggle of sausages from Otto’s in SE.  This is patio/picnic beer at it’s summer finest.

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