National IPA Day

2 Aug

As the Taphandle slacker, in terms of writing, definitely not the drinking, it is time I wrote a post. Since I was happily left out of today’s festivities, a trip to Jersey Boys the musical, I thought I would stop by my favorite pub, Lompoc’s Sidebar, and join the masses around the country celebrating National IPA day. Never heard of it? Well, I am doing my part by drinking a double, dry hopped C-Note.

C-note already is a standout beer, but then the brewers at Lompoc added Cascade, Crystal and Centennial hops to both the fermenter, and later, to the keg. My one critical comment would be the beer is served a bit too cold to give you that wonderful aroma immediately, but that is nothing a few minutes resting on the bar can’t fix. Once it is a bit warmer, this beer showed off a great dry hopping, a sweet resinous and slightly piney nose that makes me wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. The sweet nose and hefty body belie the dry finish. The C-note is a go to beer for me, but I would reach past one for a double dry hopped C-Note.

So raise a glass of IPA and celebrate National IPA day with an excellent American IPA. Tomorrow, the Sidebar’s big release is the Big Bang Red, but in case you forgot to have an IPA today, they will also be releasing the Yankee Clipper IPA. I think I will find myself at Sidebar once again making it IPA day everyday! Yes, I said it.


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