Everybody’s brewing

12 Aug

This weekend we spent some time celebrating Grandma’s 90th up at the family ranch in Washington, outside cell phone range, where you can shoot beer cans without anyone hearing or caring, where the windmills reign, and the perseid showers burn brighter. It only takes about ten minutes for the relaxation to seep into your veins.  Luckily, it doesn’t escape quite as quickly. So we moseyed our way back home stopping in Hood River at Marchesi Vineyards to restock on Pinot Grigio (you must check them out, they make fantastic Italian style wines from local grapes) and in White Salmon at Everybody’s Brewing to taste their line-up of beers (we only find one here or there in Portland).

I was happy to find they correctly arranged their beers on the taster tray in order of lowest to highest IBUs, rather than lining them up by color, lightest to darkest.

Here is what struck me as we enjoyed our flight.

Local Logger Lager: very smooth with a little more hop than a traditional european lager. In my opinion, the first west coast lager to rival Victory’s Prima Pils. Awesome summer beer. Miranda is not a lager lover and even she enjoyed more than one taste, which is saying a lot about its flavor and complexity.

Summer Lovin Wheat: wheaty with a slight sweetness, finishes dry and bright. Quite good, a little funk to the hop, skunky but not bad.

Hoedown Brown: a roasty, nutty nose with a slight body. The roasted malt is still there although it is drier and hoppier than a traditional brown.

Pucker Huddle Porter: a brown porter in style, this beer also tasted very similar to their brown, but with a modest boost to the malt. Not my thing, but well crafted.

Cash Stout: wonderfully rich nose, a bit dry for such a rich stout, which makes the alcohol pop, but I may think differently if it wasn’t over 100 degrees. I have to say, it is a nice, complex stout.

Law of Nature Pale Ale: dry, crisp beer fans…we have a winner! With a rich, northwest hop nose and flavor, but a finish dry as a bone. Awesome session beer at 4.8% ABV; if we were staying, I could drink this all night.

Daily Bread Common Ale: the hop in this beer is considerably more than is found in Anchor Steam, and it has a fruitiness and light dryness as well. This is tasty, but doesn’t jump out as much as the lager or pale ale.

Goodwill IPA: inspired by an English IPA in the balance of hop and malt, but with northwest hops including Simcoe. Both the Simcoe and Centennial were noticeable in the nose. This was a very good beer and had the most body of any of any others in the line-up. I would call it a restrained Northwest IPA.

Country Boy IPA: similar nose, but drier and with a lighter body, the hop came through sharply in the finish. Good, solid IPA, especially for fans of Double Mountain’s Vaporizer, which I thought it resembled pretty closely.

Big Brother Double IPA: tasted like a double of the Country Boy. This was an excellent brew, but just a little too dry for the way I like my double IPAs.

I couldn’t believe it, but I loved the Local Logger Lager with the Law of Nature Pale Ale taking a very close second. We ordered a pint of each to toast to Grandma’s 90th. I enjoyed the beer and will definitely be back. It was a great way to finish off a wonderful weekend.


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