18 Aug

Clusterf#%k. On the menu at Double Mountain. How could the name not catch your attention? Not possible. A single hop IPA using Clusters. How could I not order it? Not possible. Pretty sure this was their intent, and it was genius. Luckily, there was no disarray, mess, or disaster here however. This was an excellent beer.

Nose: holy shit wonderful. I think of Cluster as a spicy hop, but this, this is all kinds of tropical fruit, especially pineapple. There was a slight sweetness as well, fitting as this is a double IPA.

Flavor: holy shit times two, batman. This is the best Double Mountain beer period. Strong hop, with a nice bitterness. Again, not as peppery as expected, but it did seem to come through more as the beer warmed. Still, it was subtle. The beer finished dry making it easy to put back a pint or two…or three or four, very quickly.

Maybe this is where the name comes from. After a few of these (at 6.6% ABV), you might find yourself in a clusterfuck.


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