Axes of Evil

6 Sep

Today was a little rough dealing with an issue with a developer working on the house next door. So much so  that it led to a minor tirade and my co-worker admitting, “I like sassy Miranda.” That may sound like a compliment, but I’m sassy all the time, and it sounded like there was a little hesitation in his voice. Like I had crossed from sassy to angry, with a pinch too much evil eye, and that he prefers sassy Miranda.

Needless to say, I needed a pint. Ever since my outburst at lunch when I got an e-mail from said developer. I had hoped to write my first Reader’s Choice beer review. But apparently Rogue bombers are much harder to find in Portland than one would think. Lucky for you, you still have time to vote (see sidebar).

So, I decided to pick up something else to tide me over for now. Walking the beer cases at New Seasons and Bridgetown Beerhouse, I spotted a couple offerings from Gigantic Brewing. For months now, every time I have spotted their bombers at the store, I have said “we need to go down and check out their new brewery.” And we have yet to do it. That, along with the kick ass label, and a name that seemed to fit my streak of extreme sassiness, made my drink of choice for the evening pretty easy.

The Axes of Evil is actually from Gigantic Brewing + Three Floyds, a well-known Indiana brewery that brews the famous Dark Lord (Russian Imperial Stout) that I hope I get to try someday. Now I’m feeling even better about my selection.

The evil brew poured an extremely clear, true amber color with a light, bubbly, fluffy head that lingered for a bit before turning into a slim layer and ring of creamy tight bubbles. What followed was a bright floral hop flavor with a beautifully balanced malt bill that kept the serious level of hops from becoming overpowering while equally staying in the background showing off the delicious hop flavors. This was perfect for my mood. Something bold and flavorful but also bright and light enough to enjoy at the tail end of a nice summer day (yes, it still feels like summer, despite what Brian says). It finished with a lingering, slightly grassy, bitter hop. With a clear, moderate mouthfeel and a 6% ABV this was a very sessionable beer and although I was hesitant about drinking an entire 22 tonight, the bottle was dry before I even knew it.

The bottle states that “the Axes of Evil was brewed for those that live and die in the Timbers Army.” This isn’t the only beer dedicated to the Timbers/Timbers Army/Timbers fans, but more on that in future posts. This offering from Gigantic and Floyds is definitely worthy. Hopefully someday this can be found on tap to be enjoyed by the Army at Timbers games, because it is the perfect beer for such an occassion. Easy drinking for a two hour event, flavorful enough to pair with spicy nachos, and bright enough to counteract the gray and rainy games.

The bottle also says this is “Beer #3 in the endless series of limited edition artist and artisan beers. With artwork by Jay Howell.” Pretty cool way of supporting another local, craft industry. I can’t wait to see the rotation of other artists and labels. In the meantime, if you see this (pretty distinct) bottle around, know it is one definitely worth drinking.

Updated September 8, 2012

I apparently overlooked one last element of awesomeness offered by this beer. On the side of the label there is a quote from Lemmy Kilmister (from Motorhead), “We want to be the band that if we moved in next door to you, your lawn would die.” Not sure if this makes the beer more awesome or Lemmy more awesome. Or if it doesn’t change anything. But evidently, this is something worth highlighting.


3 Responses to “Axes of Evil”

  1. Michael September 7, 2012 at 11:45 AM #

    Wait, the bottle has a quote on it from Lemmy Kilmister and you don’t include it in your post??? I know what is in the bottle matters most but come on its Lemmy! I think for your next Gigantic Beer you are drinking to Motorhead.

    • Brian September 7, 2012 at 11:07 PM #

      Agreed…big time faux pas…

      • Miranda September 8, 2012 at 1:10 PM #

        There. You two happy now!

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