Seaside Brewing Co., to be cont.

12 Sep


We are still on our staycation, and we were on our way to our favorite little bakery in Gearhart for some amazing lemon danishes, maple cinnamon rolls, and mini berry pies. On our way we noticed the building pictured above. What? New brewery? We haven’t even heard about it yet!

When we arrived in Gearhart, there was much bemoaning and sadness as the bakery is closed on Wednesday’s! I mean really?! What is one to do to satisfy a mid-week pastry craving? I did not approve this madness. Luckily, we now had a pretty good back-up plan, so, we decided to ease our pain with a lunch stop at the Seaside Brewing Company.

20120912-182730.jpgFirst of all, the building is awesome. I’m not sure if that is because I am obsessed with buildings, more importantly, the history of buildings. But I actually think that just about anyone would enjoy the atmosphere. This building, throughout the years, was once the town’s city hall, as well as the firehouse, and coolest, the old jail. The taphandles pour from the exterior wall of the old drunk tank and after all the upgrades, they re-installed the old bars on the window by the bar. Even though Seaside was experiencing 80 degree weather today, we opted to sit inside, rather than on the patio, because of the ambiance. That’s saying something.

Our experience this first visit was great. I say first visit, because we quickly learned that their brewing is not online yet. They’ve been operating a one-barrel system all summer, experiencing much higher demand than they anticipated. It’s helped them to better understand the local palette, and what brews to focus on first when their brand new, 15-barrel system arrives tomorrow. Yup, tomorrow. We just missed all the excitement by a day (and the pastries, too!)

20120912-122416.jpgIf you are planning a visit, they anticipate having their brews on the menu by the end of October. In the meantime, they have an excellent list of local taps to choose from. We enjoyed the Good & Worthy from Good Life Brewing and a special bourbon barrel aged version of the Cavatica Stout from Fort George Brewing. From their guest tap list, it is clear they know their beer. So, I’m very excited to return to see what their own offerings will taste like.

We also enjoyed an order of the Fish & Chips and the Dungeness Crab Roll, which edged out even the best Lobster Roll in my opinion. They let the fresh seafood speak for itself in both dishes. The service was also top notch. The waitress was able to run the entire restaurant floor and patio efficiently with the right dose of friendliness.

20120912-122433.jpgWe had a chance to have a long chat with one of the owners and brewers, Jimmy. He shared with us that he is in the process of perfecting a recipe for an old style Scottish Strong. I honestly cannot think of something better than a local Wee Heavy to drink on a cold, rainy, gray winter’s day on the Oregon Coast come January. Like I said, we’ll be back. And with a menu that serves fresh fish, and thus, changes seasonally, I will be looking for a bowl of clam chowder when we return.

20120912-183342.jpgIf you find yourself in Seaside, you should definitely stop by and let us know about your visit and their brews if they are up and pouring. This post is To Be Continued, because we will definitely be back. This is a great pub, in a great location and building, but we will need to taste, and report back, on their brews.


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