Stone’s 16th Anniversary IPA

20 Sep

I cracked open a bomber of Stone 16th Anniversary IPA while camping recently. Clocking in at 10% this is a big IPA. I apologize now that this is not the most complete beer review but I was cooking while enjoying it and you know how cooking while camping is, managing food over the fire as well as on the camp stove. Anyway, the beer poured a nice bright copper color. Then there was the nose, the bottle doesn’t say whether or not the beer is dry hopped but the nose was awesome. It had a strong citrusy, sweet resinous hop smell that I just love. The taste started as wonderfully as one would expect form a beer with such fine hop bouquet but finished with an odd perfume like quality. This was not an awful perfumey quality like someone dumped Chanel in my beer. More like the way a citrus blossom smells. Looking closer to bottle again, this IPA was brewed with lemon verbena, an herb with a lemony flavor. I think it is a bit odd that I could not smell this herb but yet found it to be such a strong component of the taste of the beer.

I was drinking out of a very small mason jar and while I liked the first two glass fills, the strength of the lemon verbena was a bit too much. If I stopped there I don’t think I would recommend this beer to my friends, but I poured another glass as I sat down for dinner. With a spicy bowl of chili in front of me, the beer shined. The heat of the chili overwhelmed the lemon verbena while the strong hop flavor stood out. Alone this beer is ok but with food it is a very good beer. I really enjoyed the rest of the bottle with dinner.


One Response to “Stone’s 16th Anniversary IPA”

  1. grotusque October 3, 2012 at 2:14 PM #

    That’s interesting. I think there might be some kind of bizarre conventional wisdom that insists that any good beer should be good on its own but this seems to run counter to the; hey, you can pair beer with food and it’s just as good as a wine pairing! idea.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that some brews just are better with food and it’s nice to hear someone having a similar experience.

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