Oregon summer series: beer #7

21 Sep

I gotta work on my photo skills…

That’s it.  It’s over.  Done.  Summer has finally gasped it’s last breath.  Ok, so maybe we get a few more 75 degree days, but with the overcast sky and light mist today, I think it’s safe to call it.  It was a good ride this year.  Lots of sun and a long streak of dry days (over 50) through late July and into September.  But with the death of summer in the Pacific Northwest comes the end of my summer beer series.  Probably should have started sooner, but…it is what it is.  I’ll get a earlier start next year.  In the meantime, it’s onto Fall.  Not sure yet what I’ll title it (suggestions welcome), but I’ll be focusing on those beers/ciders that I love drinking this time of year.  We can call the Witch Hunt post an early test run.  All that said, I did drink and write up a little something on one last beer, so…here it is:

I have recently made a habit of writing about beers from Pyramid.  Everything I have reviewed for this blog has been solid, and worth the effort to try.  On top of that, their beers are super affordable.  I know that I have said I would move on from Pyramid, but when I came across their Hefeweizen recently, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see if the trend would continue.

Continue it did.  This Hef had a bit more clarity than say…the Occidental Hefeweizen I recently had, but the flavors were spot on.  Wheaty, with a lovely banana and spice that one would expect from a Bavarian-style Hef.  I have had other American Hefeweizens that just don’t hit the more traditional notes…perhaps because they are brewed for the American palate and are served with a lemon wedge (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  This beer, however?  This beer was brewed to a more European sensibility and taste. It seems more and more craft brewers are trying to dial in the traditional flavors and aromas of European styles.

This is a good development, and once again, Pyramid has impressed me with its brewing ability.  I guess I can’t say this is the last Pyramid beer I will review (since I have now broken that promise on two occasions), but my experience has been that it would make no sense to deny myself the continued pleasure of drinking their beers regularly.  Nor should you.

Up next: I start off my Fall series with Finnriver Dry Hopped Hard Cider


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