Keepin’ it fresh

3 Oct

makes me wish summer were still around…

That Mirror Pond Fresh Hop has just haunted my dreams for the last 5 days, so I have picked up other fresh hop bottles in a lame-ass attempt at banishing the experience from my brain.  Yeah…not going to happen.  However, the Bridgeport Hop Harvest Pilsner was intriguing enough to open tonight with dinner.  At 8% ABV, this beer is labeled as one of their Big Brews.  

The beer is a light gold color with a stark white head that moves into the ether pretty quickly.  It has aromas of crackers and grass, with just a hint of thyme and lemon.  The is initially very bitter, with more of the biscuit/cracker flavor, and the crisp mouthfeel that I love in this style.  There is some sweetness in the middle, which I have to admit is a bit distracting overall.  The hops taste of orange/lemon and herbs, but would shine more from a dryer finish to the brew.  I often compare pilsners I drink to the Victory Prima Pils, with good reason…it’s pretty f-ing awesome.  Probably one of the hoppiest pilsners I have had and a delight to drink on hot summer days.  Although this reminds me of the Prima Pils in some ways, its really no better than average. The sweetness can be a little off-putting initially and I was expecting more hoppiness in the nose.  It’s not bad, per se…it’s just different, and not in a “wow” kind of way.

This beer won’t come highly recommended by myself, but I can imagine that plenty of people are going to like it.  It hits a lot of the right notes, but just falls short of being something I would seek out and go back for more of.  Glad I tried it, but it’s time to move on to other fresh hop beers before they are gone.


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