The final countdown

11 Oct


Just got in line for the first session of GABF. They handed us an awesome program. 150 pages of reading to keep me busy over the next 2 hours before the doors open. An hour in and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Over 580 breweries, each pouring 1-10 beers! Let’s do the math…

580*5 (avg) = 2900 beers / 16 oz = 181 pints / 4 sessions = 45 pints / 3 of us = 15 pints per person per session!

Okay. We already admit defeat. Not that we were going to try to try everything, but I’m quickly realizing that my idea to have a plan is going to drown in about 2 seconds of walking through the door. I’m going to be shell shocked and overwhelmed. I’m just going to hold out my mug and taste whatever gets poured into it. And ya know what? That’s fucking awesome. I’m gonna try beer from any town, any brewery, any kind. Except maybe bud, coors, or miller. Hopefully that means I will have some interesting news to report in the morning. We will also try and post a good ol drunk photo by the end of the night! See ya on the other side!


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