A bit of Britain in Denver

12 Oct

I would like to tell you that we are diligently working on a post about last night at GABF, but the truth is we are at a British pub in the Golden Triangle neighborhood enjoying some real ale. We are trying to muster the energy to tell everyone about last night, but between this place and the Alpha Hop competition we might attend later, a post might not be forthcoming.

20121012-130122.jpgWe all agree that this is a gem of a place that stands out from the usual suspects, pub-wise. The beers are all really well done and true to style. Particularly impressive are the Black Ajax Stout, Lancer IPA, and Alchemy ESB. The pub has a see-through floor, where you can get a peek at the casks in the basement. Michael also spied a box of Fuggles from Hopunion on top of the mashtun! Hubbard, Oregon represents!

20121012-130235.jpgWe’ll get that post up at some point, but for now enjoy the pics of some really nice pints that aren’t often found in Oregon-cellar temp and softly carbonated.


One Response to “A bit of Britain in Denver”

  1. Chad October 12, 2012 at 5:30 PM #

    Memories. Only went there one time but it’s a cool place.

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