The Great Pumpkin (from Rogue), Reader’s Choice #2c

31 Oct

Happy Halloween all you beer goblins!

‘Tis the holiday that we wait for the Great Pumpkin. What better than to drink a pumpkin ale as the moon rises and the hours pass by? Nothing. And that beer should be Rogue’s Pumpkin Patch Ale. As you know, I’ve been quite disappointed in the pumpkin beers to date: too spicy, too boozy and too thin. Frankly, unbalanced. My hope was to find a pumpkin ale worthy of recommendation. That I did with my final Reader’s Choice pumpkin ale.

It poured a slightly reddish, brown color, and you could already tell that this beer had a bigger body than the other two. It was slightly cloudier and not as clear. It was also a richer, darker color. It smelled of clove and nutmeg but wasn’t overpowering. This remained true throughout the glass. The spice was apparent and you could definitely notice the clove and nutmeg, but it wasn’t too strong, sharp or bitter. It was a nice addition to the balance of the light bittnerness that was coming from the hops and the gently sweet malt backbone. All the components of the beer were there, in harmony, with the addition of a light taste of the fall. And it tasted like a beer! (which sometimes is lost when these pumpkin ales are overdone). I noticed this one did not include all spice, as the other two, and I have to wonder if that had something to do with it. All spice, especially on top of all the other spices, can be a bit much and offers a little more of a savory tone to it that might not have gone as well with the rest of their flavor profiles.

Regardless, the win definitely goes to Rogue. So, if you find yourself trick-or-treating in the rain tonight with your kids (ahhh…the memories. it always sucked when it rained, but by the end of the night you embraced it and felt like a champion for living it up anyway), or in costume hitting the party scene tonight, or sitting near the door reading a book and passing out candy, pick up a bottle of Rogue’s Pumpkin Patch Ale to keep you warm and to celebrate the coming of the Great Pumpkin.

Be safe. And don’t forget to vote for my next review (see righthand margin)!

now that is a kick ass work crew

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