Reader’s Choice 3: Lover Beer

15 Nov


For the Love of Good Beer. That’s what this blog is all about. And that’s what this beer says right on the label. Those Italians get it right every time, don’t they? Luckily when it comes to craft beer, they are starting to get it right. When Michael first suggested the Italy theme, I was hesitant. It seemed obscure for some of our readers, and I thought y’all wouldn’t know who to vote for. Then I was thinking about the fact that when I lived in Italy in the late 90s, local craft beer was nearly non-existent. But in the last few years, the beer making its way from Italy to the US is a perfect example of how Italy gets it right. I’ve had some really, really good beers from there. And so I got really excited.

LoverBeer’s D’Uva (meaning “of the grape”) from Marentino, Italy. An American Wild Ale. The bottle I happen to pick up from Belmont Station was a 2010.

It poured a somewhat cloudy reddish amber with moderate bubbles and had a dominant grape, wine-like aroma. It was effervescent…fruity…tart…and the grapes had an earthy quality with hints of cherry and raspberry.

The carbonation was moderate with nice, soft bubbles. It tasted similar to a labrusco, a fruity, sparkling red wine, but was much more gentle, lighter in body and not as grape heavy. Like a good beer, its refreshing and drinkable. And you can tell it was brewed with real fruit as it held the complexity of the grapes. There was a slight tartness and a little bit of funkiness, but it definitely wasn’t sour. There was a little bitterness to the finish, too. Reminiscent of a zest of citrus peel in a sparkling wine cocktail. The 8% ABV isn’t really detectable, only becoming noticeable as the glass warms beyond proper serving temperature for this beer. Meaning I spent too much time writing and not drinking nearly fast enough.

I enjoyed this beer a lot, but never would have had it without this little reader’s choice blog series. So thank you for continuing to indulge me with your votes. Speaking of…the next theme is winter beers, since we are officially entering the holiday season and the Winter Ale Fest is only 2 weeks away. So, don’t forget to vote, and if you have any ideas for future themes, please leave me a comment below.

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