2009 Sang Noir from Cascade

29 Nov

20121129-143801.jpg This beer has left me speechless! It has a sweet and tart cherry nose with rich tannins. The barrel aging is even more prevalent this year than last – both Pinot and whiskey. You get the oak and a slight vanilla but I think the earthiness and berry characteristics from the Pinot barrels is stronger. It is a big-bodied sour with a red wine quality. There is a tart dryness to the finish. But what hits me most is how complex this beer is. I feel I should have more to say but there’s almost so much to say that I am left unable to say much. Two days in a row and Casade hits a homerun. Maybe I should spend more time down there! I have to add that we also enjoyed a full glass of Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche. That was much lighter, brighter, and crisp but also a great beer. It had a bright peach aroma with an equally bright pallette. Really true peach, noticeable Brett yeast, very tart, sour and dry, crisp finish. Light without being thin, very sour but not overpowering. Beautiful smell, color and fruit. Maybe more reminiscent of summer, but extremely tasty and a good halftime beer amongst all this winter bombers.

20121129-144641.jpg If you are on your way down to the Holiday Ale Festival, get down here quick while the specialty tappings are still flowing!

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