20 Dec


There has definitely been a hiatus on this blog.  I have a good reason, as my second child was born a week and a half ago.  Not sure Michael and Miranda have as good of a reason, but I’ll leave it to them to let you all know why they’ve been silent for so long (I am really pointing the finger at you, Mike!)

This is the first beer I have even wanted to drink since our second came into the world.  Weird, huh?  I would have thought that celebrating a new life in our house would have called for more toasts over rare brews.  But the reality is that I haven’t felt well (I have two now.  TWO!) and nothing jumped out at me from the fridge.  Tonight I just wanted something sweet and warm, as it felt Arctic-like outside.  This Skull Splitter is called a Rich Ale on the bottle, and it does a mighty fine job living up to the title.  It is paler than I would have thought it to be, but with an assertive malt nose.  Very fruity with hints of caramel all at the same time.  The beer is rich and smooth upon the first taste, with just a hint of alcohol on the back end.  As it warms, the fruit character really starts to assert itself and the beer opens up on the nose.

For a single serving 11 oz, this beer hit the spot.  A nice little cold-weather treat.  Reminds me how grateful I am to have my second daughter, along with my first, my wife, my two dogs, my friends, and the ability to pull beers like this out of the fridge whenever I get the urge.  I am a lucky man.


One Response to “Grateful”

  1. Miranda December 27, 2012 at 7:26 PM #

    Congratulations to both you and Mynell. I may pick you up another of these as you may need it once Thing #2 starts running around the house with Thing #1! Skull splitters (and joy makers) for sure! 🙂

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