Reader’s Choice 5: Brown Shugga

28 Dec

Brown Shugga

Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy-cozy…It’s lovely weather for a craft beer together with you…

Yes, I am still in the spirit as I hope you are. How about some Brown Shugga from Lagunitas? Brown Shugga is one of my favorite winter seasonal beers, and as some of you may recall, I lamented its absence last year (the one, and only, good thing about that was it introduced me to Terminal Gravity’s Festivale). So you can imagine I was excited for it to hit the shelves this year and that your votes made it a blog post! Last night I mentioned those sea salt and pink peppercorn caramels that were calling my name…yeah, that’s happening tonight. They’re also made with brown sugar so it should be good (oh, and for the record, I can’t tell you what else in those caramels or I may have to kill you)

The Brown Shugga pours a beautiful, deep amber color with nice, steady carbonation. It smells predominantly of caramel with a nice, light sweetness to it, and I can also detect a light, floral hop. God, I love this beer. It’s rich and roasty, like the lightly burned brown sugar of a caramel or toffee and perfectly balanced with floral and bitter hops. It is rich, and yet, quite drinkable. I’ve been known to drink a few of these in a row, which is dangerous at 9.99% ABV.  I look forward to this beer every year, and as you can tell, it once again did not let me down. As for the caramels, delicious, but not the best pairing. The caramels are just too sweet taking away from the specialness of the Brown Shugga. It really is a unique, and delicious, winter ale brewed with…you guessed it…brown sugar. And as their website says – kind of a mistake. But the best kind of mistake. Kind of like my caramels (believe it or not, those involved a complete, but beautiful, fuck up).

Let’s just hope those brewers down there at Lagunitas don’t decide to have another Brown Shugga hiatus. No one likes to see me angry. If you haven’t already, you must give Brown Shugga a try. While you are at it, why not drink a couple 6 packs for me so they never take it off the shelves (eh…just not at the same time…remember, 10% ABV).

Before you head out to pick up some Brown Shugga, don’t forget to vote for my next Reader’s Choice post:


2 Responses to “Reader’s Choice 5: Brown Shugga”

  1. Chad December 28, 2012 at 8:23 PM #

    Fantastic beer!!! I was pleased to have this awhile back at a Laguinitas tap take over.

  2. Sister Schoultz January 6, 2013 at 7:55 AM #

    Just voted, even thought I might not be able to taste any of these way down south here. It said each was 20%. I really wasn’t trying to make you have to drink and review five beers, but have fun with it, cuz I know you really don’t mind either.

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