breaking the silence

16 Jan

Some of you may have noticed it has been pretty quiet here on taphandle. Brian went and gave up beer for the month. I don’t understand that concept, so I will let him explain it when he gets back online next month. As for myself, I’ve been taking it easy after all the holiday parties and cookies. But of course, I’m not totally crazy so I’m still enjoying tasty beverages when I want to indulge a little. I’m home alone this evening enjoying the instant streaming from Netflix, and I find a nice glass of beer in my hand. It’s been a while, so why not go all out with an Imperial Stout.

This one, Karl Strauss’ Wreck Alley Imperial Stout, came to me from my Cousin Mike down in California. And oh, what a treat! Rich and delicious. Full bodied with a slight chew. Chocolate and coffee all the way. My favorite. There is a slight burnt sugar or toffee quality and a hint of biscuit too. It’s slightly sweet, but balanced with a gentle bitterness and bold roast that lingers nicely. Super smooth and with 9.5% ABV, this should be a nice night cap.

Thanks Cousin Mike!

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