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31 Mar
A stellar offering

A stellar offering

You may remember from our GABF posts, a little snippet on Marble Brewery, out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Their Imperial Red Ale won a silver, and it was well deserved.  By far one of the best beers we had during our four days in Denver.  I am happy to say that our experience in Denver was not an aberration.  Marble is the real deal. And even better?  They are now available in Southern New Mexico and El Paso. Continue reading


Breakfast anyone?

30 Mar
Nothing like getting an early start!

Nothing like getting an early start!

A fellow blogger pointed out this supposed quote from the well-known Don Younger the other day:  “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning”.  Don was the best, wasn’t he?   Continue reading

desert home

25 Mar

Patio drinking

I have written about this place and its beers before.  Not today.  Today I just wanted to be.  Today I just wanted to drink beer and shoot the shit.  My brother and his wife obliged.   Continue reading

Basketball and Beer

23 Mar


Wednesday is basketball night.  And what does one do after an hour hustling on the court for an hour?  Rehydrate with beer, of course!  For the winter we have been playing at Creston Elementary and enjoying a couple of pints just down the road at C-bar on SE Gladstone.  In Portland we are lucky that good beer bars are a dime a dozen.  The C-bar is a good example of one of these beer bars.  They have twenty rotating taps, covering a wide selection of beer styles, including two nitro taps.  Speaking of  nitro taps, a few weeks ago they had Deschutes’s Jubelale on nitro.  Jubelale is a nice, medium winter ale, but on nitro…well, that is the best way to drink that beer.  But winter is over and it may be hard to find it on nitro these days.

Usually I just go enjoy my beer and conversation but on the last day before the gym closed for spring break, I scribbled down a few notes on a napkin about that evenings’ beers.  The first beer of the night was New Belgium’s Trip XV.   Continue reading

darkness delivered in a can

22 Mar


Last time we were here, I found a pretty awesome IPA from Santa Fe Brewing Company.  I didn’t plan on buying more beer from them this time around, but look at that can!  It’s their Black IPA.   Love the simple, clean design.   This one is part Oakland Raiders and part Cylon to me.  Love it. Continue reading

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