The taxman cometh

2 Mar
Proper glassware and everything

Proper glassware and everything

The last two years were brutal for us.  This whole process required beer drinking because of the depression I felt when I filed.  But this time, Ol’ Uncle Sam owes me!  This is probably the last time I will ever say that my 2nd child actually saved me money, but I’ll take it.  Time to celebrate.  I am feeling pretty Euro-zone with that extra ching in my wallet, so I go with the Royale from Gigantic.  I have had this beer at their tasting room, and I have to say that the bottle is just as good (that is not always the case).  Definitely a French/Belgian inspired ale, with all the requisite sweetness and yeast flavors you would expect from the style.  It poured light-orange and had a nice, soapy head on it.  The smell was a mix of citrusy hops and a bit of flowery-ness, with a hint of bread.  I love how this beer is put together.  The hops don’t dominate, and the Belgian yeasts don’t overpower.  There are peaches and some apricots in the flavor as well, which is awesomeness.  Sometimes with Belgians I get a cloying flavor of fruit, but this one is not that way.  Everything in balance.  Everything working the way it should.  The body is a little bigger than I would like for drinking in the summer, but with this weather it’s perfect.

As for the taxes?  I’ll pay them gladly each year.  I got it too good in this country to complain about what it takes to keep it all running smoothly.

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