darkness delivered in a can

22 Mar


Last time we were here, I found a pretty awesome IPA from Santa Fe Brewing Company.  I didn’t plan on buying more beer from them this time around, but look at that can!  It’s their Black IPA.   Love the simple, clean design.   This one is part Oakland Raiders and part Cylon to me.  Love it.

Even better?  The beer is damn good.  Generous hop nose and a beautiful black color on this little guy.  Really well balanced between the roasted malt flavors and the intense pine & citrus hops.  Thick but not chewy.  Refreshing and substantial, all at the same time.  It’s a keeper!

I have also seen a Java Stout in cans at the store here…might have to give that a try.  Miranda would be upset if I didn’t.


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    […] design and go for the clean-line look on their cans.  Ft. George does a nice job.  I have talked before about Santa Fe Brewing Company and their can designs.  Oak Shire has done a nice job of making […]

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