31 Mar
A stellar offering

A stellar offering

You may remember from our GABF posts, a little snippet on Marble Brewery, out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Their Imperial Red Ale won a silver, and it was well deserved.  By far one of the best beers we had during our four days in Denver.  I am happy to say that our experience in Denver was not an aberration.  Marble is the real deal. And even better?  They are now available in Southern New Mexico and El Paso. Most of the places I went had six packs of their wheat, red, ipa, and oatmeal stout, but it was the 22 oz Double IPA that called to me.  Now I’ve had many a Double IPA in Portland, and not all have been winners, but I tend to think that a brewery that can pull a great one off is one to follow.  Finding that perfect balance of huge hop and malt takes some considerable skill (HOT Blue Dot and Firestone Walker Double Jack come to mind).  It’s probably not hard to see where I am going with this: Marble is one to follow. Beautiful color right out of the bottle.  Bright orange-gold with a thick, soapy head that lasted through the entire tasting.  The nose was fresh, right-off-the-vine lupulin.   A little orange, mixed with pine and fresh cut hop vines.  It was phenomenal.  The flavor was malty with bits of caramel and a heft to it that soon gave way to the citrus notes and intense bitterness that balanced out that first hit of sweet.  It also had a bit of that plant taste that real fresh beers have.  Not sure when this was bottled, but it tasted like it was last week.  The body was big, but not overwhelming, which to me, is the mark of a well made Double.

I managed to get their Red Ale and IPA on draft at a sports bar on the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament (I was with you in spirit, Miranda!) and they were spot-on as well.  It’s really a shame that this beer isn’t available in Portland.  Maybe it’ll happen one day but for now, if you are in Albuquerque for any reason, I recommend this brewery as a “must go there” destination.  I can only imagine how good the beers are at the source.


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  1. Chad April 7, 2013 at 2:28 PM #

    Sounds like a find. I will have to see if these boys are in Arizona when we get out there next month.

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