Revolution brewing….still waiting

16 Apr

Monday evening 7pm at Revolution brewing, one would think there would be an open table, right? One would be wrong, the wait was 45 minutes. Like in Portland with our 40+ breweries, here in Chicago, and their 10+ breweries, one brewer I talked to said in creating something new they run into the doubters that push this idea the city is near saturation. One more brewery is just too much. I say this is a big bag of shit. The time I have had to wait for a good beer at a brewery, on a Monday no less, clearly show otherwise.

So, at Revolution, we waited. Luckily we found space at the bar next to a local, Brian, who was willing to share his favorite places for beer and food around the city. His special beer mug was enough to give weight to his suggest, a mug from Revolution, as he has been bellying up to the bar since the very day they opened. Talking with Chicago Brian, the time pasted quickly and we got our table. We said goodbye, hungry we went straight for the food menu.

I will get to the beer but I have to tell you about Revolution’s Italian beef sandwich. The Italian beef is a local classic and I don’t know how traditional this one was but it was damn good. It was like a muffuletta from New Orleans, except the Italian cured meats were replaced with beef brisket, with all the cheese and picked veggies. Damn good pub food.

Ok, ok to the beers. At the bar I ordered the Galaxy Hero and Miranda got A Little Crazy. The Galaxy hero was my favorite beer of the night. Brewed with galaxy and zythos hops, the beer had strong and unique nose. Hops with a hint of pear. The beer was pale, medium bodied with a strong hop and that pear flavor again. To me this wasn’t a fruitiness from the yeast but a flavor characteristic of the hops, very nice. The dry finish rounded out an excellent beer!
Miranda’s beer A Little Crazy, had crazy potential but didn’t get there. Brewed with Magnum, Cascade and Citra, fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and then dry-hopped with more Cascade and Citra hops, I can see why Miranda ordered it. A good hop and earthy nose lead to a hop forward beer that finished with an overpowering sweet fruitiness from the yeast. The fruit in the finish was just to much.

Next up the Double Fist for Miranda and the Anti Hero for me. The Double Fist is a slightly altered double Iron Fist Pale. This beer did not really have much aroma. From the few tastes I had, wow, big body, big hop flavor, both citrus and nice resinous sweetness. All of this flavor easily hid the 8% ABV. I wished this was my beer for the round. My beer, the Anti Hero, was recommended to me more than any other beer in Chicago, so far. Personally, I was disappointed. It didn’t have the unique hop of the Galaxy Hero or the boldness of the Double Fist. Most craft brewers make an IPA and I believe each brewery must put their own special touch on their IPA, especially if it is going to be their flagship beer. I thought the Galaxy hero was this beer not the Anti Hero.

For dessert Miranda and I ordered small five ounce pours. Miranda got the barrel aged, Very Mad Cow, which is normally five bucks but our new friend Brian gets the small pours for free and gave Miranda this one. The Very Mad Cow was a bourbon barrel aged milk stout. From the taste I had, this medium bodied beer started with rich dark malts that was quickly overwhelmed by bourbon and a strong vanilla. Good but I thought it need a bit more malt to give more heft to the body because the alcohol, at 9.7%, came through a bit hot for me. Now, I ordered the Infiltrator Doppelbock, brew in November and lagered over the winter. This beer had a real nice toffee nose and flavor. The toffee gave way to a light and tasty fruitiness from the yeast. Are first the beer finished sharp, tannins in the malt maybe? But the small glass warmed quickly and the sharpness gave way to a smooth finish. The Infiltrator paired nicely with my cake and Eugene Porter ice cream.

I have to rest up, off to Haymarket brewery tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Revolution brewing….still waiting”

  1. Brian April 17, 2013 at 4:41 PM #

    What, no pics?

    • Michael April 19, 2013 at 9:34 AM #

      No, iPhone pics, all on camera. The post will be updated when we are home and can down load them.

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