Celebrate the sun at the Oregon Garden Brewfest

24 Apr


What better way to finish the week than with a cold, delicious craft beer in hand, enjoying the newly arrived seventy-five degree weather, while sitting among the beautiful blooms at the Oregon Garden? Seriously! Have you looked outside? My nose has, its been doing nothing but make me sneeze for the last four days. Everything is in full bloom and the sky is an extra clear, bright blue. Today at lunch I actually felt the Vitamin D crawling into my body and giving me extra energy. Take advantage of it, you know it won’t last, and head to the Oregon Garden this weekend.

Oregon Garden Brewfest*
April 26-28, 2013
Fri/Sat noon-11pm
Sun noon-6
The Oregon Garden
879 W Main St Silverton, OR
Wanna save a few bucks? Pre-buy your tickets online.

20130424-220121.jpgWe are headed down tomorrow for the brewer’s dinner which I am really excited about. April has been a whirlwind and I am exhausted from our recent trip to Chicago. While Michael was filling y’all in on beer offerings and latest craft brewing news, I was busy working. Over a weekend nonetheless. So it will be extra nice to have Friday off to reboot with some tasty beverages and some vitamin D (did I tell you it was snowing when we left Chicago?).

Best part is we get to start tomorrow night over a six course dinner with beer pairings. We will definitely post all about it so you can figure out if you want to buy tickets for this next year (they go fast so you will need to plan ahead). And then we are staying at the The Oregon Garden Resort. They offer a great package for a room, breakfast, and Brewfest tickets. Last minute weekend getaway, why not??

I’m so grateful to be getting away with only plans centered around relaxing. It’s basically home so there isn’t pressure to get out and do anything except soak in the scenery and slurp up some beer. And sleep in on Friday! We will be starting when they open on Friday at noon so come down and find us. We will try to post live with some highlights, but definitely expect some tasting notes Friday night If you are headed out there on Saturday.

20130424-220144.jpg I think we are most excited about the fact that we will get to have beer from some of the mid-valley breweries that are very good but that aren’t as available up here in Portland, like Flat Tail. They are offering a Saison at the brewer’s dinner that I can’t wait to try. And they’ll also have fresh batches of two of their regulars pouring in the Brewfest tent. There are also some relatively new breweries and breweries that are new to us that will be there like Brew Werks and Rat Hole from Bend (we can discuss that name latter), Falling Sky from Eugene, Santiam Brewing from Salem, and Twisted Snout from Toledo. Then there’s Sasquatch Brewing and Old Town Brewing from Portland that we have yet to try, which just means we have been slacking off, because Old Town is seriously located just up the street from us.

And then, there’s two beer choices from Coors (Batch 19 and Blue Moon) and three from Anheuser Busch (Stella, Shock Top and Raspberry Shock Top). What’s that about? You won’t see us lining up for those early in the day. Or late in the day for that matter. We found it curious that they were on an Oregon Brewfest list. I mean, its one thing to have Goose Island there, which makes craft beer and started as a small craft brewery even though Anheuser Busch owns a portion of it now. But these guys? Is that just to make your novice beer drinking friends who might come to the brewfest with you happy? I know these macro dudes see the writing on the wall and are tapping into the craft beer market, but do they really think that I’m gonna go to a brewfest and try Shock Top? That I am suddenly going to fall in love with it?

I don’t know. What do you think about these guys being at a small local brewfest like this????

*And remember, they have shuttles and the resort there…so enjoy but be safe.

Photos courtesy of Chris Crabb


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