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what’s with all the doubles?

23 May
Oooooohhhhh, sinister...

Oooooohhhhh, sinister…

I have found myself drinking quite a few Double/Imperial IPAs lately.  Not sure why.  It’s not a conscious decision that I have been making.  They just seem to end up at the house and I end up thinking they are a good idea.  Although, this is the 2nd of 3 beers that Miranda and Mike brought me from their Chicago trip, and all three were some version of a Double IPA.  That might explain why I have so many in the fridge.  And now that I think about it, they bought me Sticky Hands from Block 15.  I sense a pattern here…   Continue reading


Marble’s Wildflower Wheat

19 May

Marble's Wildflower Wheat

Marble’s Imperial Red, is a big and wonderfully hoppy beer, the kind of beer those of us who have been drinking craft beer for a long time now can gather around. But not all craft beers can taste like this, nor should they.  This is a post in praise of tricycle beers (and in Marbles case this is not a bad name).  A beer for those new to or redisent to try a craft beer and when well crafted, for many to remember that we didn’t always reach for a hoppy IPA.  Well crafted is the key here.  These beers tend to be on top of a beer list and are there to be a draw for new customers and they require as much attention as the IPA, belgians, stouts down the list.

I have found myself in front of a taster tray, I am sure you have too, at a unfamailar brewery and the beers are just not notable until you get to the pale ale.  This is how such top of the beer list get a bad name.  I have discounted many brew like this as just tricycle beers.  Made with the assumption those ordering the beer know little of craft beer.  This has always been disappointing to me.  We all know someone who will drink a light craft beer when served a good one, but will generally just grab their favorite macrobrew because it is easier and they know what they are getting.  A well crafted blond or wheat can, and does change minds

Marble Brewery’s Wildflower Wheat is just such a beer.  I will admit, I opened the bottle with lowered expectations.  Honey beers are many times what a top of the list beers should not be; sweet, thin and rather boring.  From the first sip, I had to readjust my expectations.  This was a very good beer.  The beer did not have much aroma to speak of.  The wheat started everything off, then came the hops bright and crisp, almost pilsner-like.  Then the beer finish with very slight sweetness and just enough body to let one know they are drinking an ale.  This beer was best cold, at the end of the glass the sweetness became more noticeable.  I think this is all the better,  anyone use to a cold bud may stay for a pint or three of this refreshing beer.  Who knows, on this tricycle a new customer might ride over and try more of Marble’s brews.

sticky sweet

19 May
There's a place in my life for all kinds of beers...even the really hoppy ones.

There’s a place in my life for all kinds of beers…even the really hoppy ones.

There’s been a recent kerfuffle regarding the Slate article that tackled the idea of hoppy beer being a turn-off for American craft beer drinkers.  The author takes the stance that all the focus on hops these days is turning off the average, or run-of-the-mill craft beer drinker.  It has spurred a post here, and I am sure there are more to come.  Not sure I want to wade too deep into this issue, but there has clearly been a shift to more aggressively hopped beers in the industry.  I have to say though, that it was pretty prescient to read all this discussion as I got ready to open a beer called Sticky Hands.    Continue reading

bare bones

13 May

Bare bones – that’s what this post qualifies as. I ain’t got a picture and the number of words I will write about the beer could probably qualify as a tweet. But we don’t tweet. Which might be why no one knows we even have a blog (except for those awesome folks that follow us of course). But whatever, we are busy drinking beer. For better or worse, that’s our priority. It is what it is.

So Friday we stopped by Lompoc’s Sidebar. Big surprise, right? Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, it has probably been a month or longer since the last time we had been there. So we stopped by, and our favorite brewers were sitting outside enjoying the fruits of their labors. Their unanimous recommendation that night was the Peach Wheat. And who am I to argue? Well…I did. And I was wrong. I’m here to tell you to go by and have one three. Don’t ask questions, or for a sample, it’s a waste of your time and your lovely server’s time – just order it. Continue reading

back to basics

12 May
My Mother's Day gift to myself.

My Mother’s Day gift to myself.

It’s been a while since I have just reviewed a beer.  Probably a bit too long.  I’ve been contemplating this or that, waxing stupid about stuff, going to festivals, and generally ignoring the idea of a simple beer review.  Time to get back to basics. Continue reading

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