8 May
If this was a Double Middle Finger Double Pale Ale, it would be more appropriate to my mood.

If this was a Double Middle Finger Double Pale Ale, it would be more appropriate to my mood.

Not sure how much of this post is about beer, but I was drinking this fabulous Double Fist Double Pale Ale that Miranda brought me from Chicago as I began to contemplate my day.  Specifically, I was thinking about responsibility.  Without getting into the details (cause there is no need to embarrass anyone), I had an encounter today at work that was all about responsibility and the acceptance of it.  Now I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but I was raised to take responsibility for things.  For what I did, what I said, etc.  Some people at work did something to me and they were refusing to accept responsibility for it.  I called them on it.  A year later (today) it was resolved.  It felt good and completely unnecessary, all at the same time.  What I mean by that is, if someone had accepted responsibility for the issue 12 months ago, we would never have had to sit and have the conversation we had today.  Someone would not have had to drop some $ on making it all better, either.

I can’t be the father, husband, brother, son, or friend I want to be if I don’t demand accountability from people.  Especially those that try to either take advantage of me or make excuses for their behavior.  I will hold you accountable.  I will demand you admit what you did.  And I will absolutely demand you make amends.  I didn’t cure cancer or solve the Israel-Palestine conflict today, but I’m damn proud I held my ground and made sure someone answered for their poor judgement.

Also, the beer was damn good.  Hoppy as all get out in the nose with a killer malt profile and tongue-scraping bitterness at the end that signaled it’s hop credentials.  It’s great to have access to beers from beyond the Northwest.  Especially as you unwind from a hell of an afternoon. Thanks, M&M.  Well done.


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