bare bones

13 May

Bare bones – that’s what this post qualifies as. I ain’t got a picture and the number of words I will write about the beer could probably qualify as a tweet. But we don’t tweet. Which might be why no one knows we even have a blog (except for those awesome folks that follow us of course). But whatever, we are busy drinking beer. For better or worse, that’s our priority. It is what it is.

So Friday we stopped by Lompoc’s Sidebar. Big surprise, right? Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, it has probably been a month or longer since the last time we had been there. So we stopped by, and our favorite brewers were sitting outside enjoying the fruits of their labors. Their unanimous recommendation that night was the Peach Wheat. And who am I to argue? Well…I did. And I was wrong. I’m here to tell you to go by and have one three. Don’t ask questions, or for a sample, it’s a waste of your time and your lovely server’s time – just order it.

If you’re hesitant about fruit beers because they are too sweet, too fu-fu, or think they taste like syrup not fruit – you have good reason, there are a lot of those shitty fruit beers out there – THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. If you are hesitant about wheat beers because they can be a mixed bag – and you can count me in that category, because they are sometimes delicious but sometimes bubble gummy, medicinal, or too bready – THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Lompoc’s Peach Wheat is DELICIOUS. Bryan and Jerry nailed this one. Their weekly announcement description is as follows:

Brewed in September 2012 and fermented in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels with 200 pounds of peaches for a strong peach aroma and hints of oak that finishes slightly tart. 5.8% ABV

It is every bit as good as the description. Actually…better. And it is extremely sessionable. With a reasonably low ABV, especially for Lompoc, I was even able to hold my own in a few debates with Jerry.

Details haven’t been released yet, but I’m guessing it will be on tap for Lompoc’s upcoming Peach Fest at Sidebar on May 26 (mark your calendars!). And if you live under a rock, the Lompoc Tavern, formerly known as the New Old Lompoc, reopens Thursday at 11am!! Have no fear: the vintage “artwork” has been hung and they are ready to serve up pints of Resurrection IPA, which they promise to be big, bitter, and hoppy. But Thursday is far away, so in the meantime, head down to Sidebar for some Peach Wheat before I drink it all.

And for those of you would like to tell me that I have exceeded the tweeting character limit…no need. A) I don’t care…remember, we don’t tweet and B) are you surprised?


2 Responses to “bare bones”

  1. Brian May 13, 2013 at 11:55 AM #

    I am never surprised when you exceed your word limit. Kinda surprised when you don’t, actually.

    And please don’t ever start tweeting. It’s unseemly.

    • Miranda May 13, 2013 at 11:57 AM #

      i like to meet people’s expectations 🙂

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