the perfect pairing

5 Jun
Now available in cans!

Now available in cans!

Sunny days necessitate beer drinking, no?  The last three days have had me popping into the fridge while on the way outside to play with my daughter.  Kid is developing a nice swing on the baseball and I want her to keep at it.  This Kolsch from Occidental was purchased this weekend at Freddy’s.  Drank the last one tonight.  Love that they got some of their stuff in cans.  Wonder if any of their other offerings will be available soon?  Regardless, this is a nice start.The color is a bold yellow, bordering on gold.  There is a gorgeous head with large suds, like you just filled the glass with dish soap.  There is some bready-ness to the nose with a hint of grass, but it’s pretty neutral otherwise.  Taste is initially spicy from the hops, but some of those nice German pilsner malts shine through after.  It’s crisp and snappy on the back end, without that biscuity flavor you sometimes find in a Kolsch.  This is a medium bodied beer that finishes nice and dry which makes it really refreshing.  Overall, this might be the best Kolsch from Oregon that I have had yet.  And that’s saying something, because Flat Tail’s Tailgater is nothing to sneeze at.

Looks like it’s time to finally hit up their tasting room.  Who’s with me?


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