the finish

9 Jun
Finishing strong

Finishing strong

It was time to finish the trilogy of IPAs from Chicago this weekend.  This one, from Pipeworks Brewing Company, is the Glaucus Belgian-Style IPA.  At 8% ABV, this is the smallest of the three beers that Miranda and Mike brought me.  

I figured snifter on this one, based on the “Belgian-Style” label.  Since they were claiming that a lot of the spices in this beer were from the yeast they used, I figured I give it as much  opportunity as possible to wow me with its nose.  Color was a hazy gold with a tight foamy head that clung well to the glass as I drank.  There was a noticeable spiciness in the aroma which strengthened as the beer warmed in the sun.  I couldn’t say if it was a yeast smell, or a hop smell, so I’ll just go ahead and trust the brewer on this one.  Must have been from the yeast.  There was also that trademark “funk” that comes from Belgian yeasts…sort of sticky sweet and earthy.  The flavor started off mildly sweet with a bit of orange peel to it.  The bitterness took over immediately afterwards, with just a slight citrus note on the finish.  There wasn’t much in the way of hop flavor at the back end of this beer, but maybe it was there and I was just attributing all the flavors to the yeast.  The body was pretty hefty, but I’m used to that in Belgian-style beers.  Even with the orange/citrus notes, there was a real lack of brightness to this beer.  It was a an average experience for me.  Not bad, but not great.  I do hope I get a chance to try some of their other beers at some point.  I have a feeling there is some good stuff going on at Pipeworks (no link ’cause their website is non-existent).

Hope everyone enjoyed the sunny weekend in PDX and got some beer drinking in!


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