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Speakeasy Double Daddy

30 Jul


For Miranda’s Birthday, a month ago, my friend Ben helped me smoke some trout. Well he smoked the trout, I just watched. Now my Miranda is planning a friends baby shower, and she wants more smoked trout for appetizers. I can do this, I saw it done once, right? So here I am watching the smoker smoke and drinking Speakeasy’s Double Daddy Imperial IPA.

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a special draft

27 Jul
you never forget your first love

you never forget your first love

When I moved to Portland, almost 7 years ago, one of the first beers I had at a pub was Lompoc Strong Draft (later changed to Lompoc Special Draft) at the 5th Quadrant.  It was wonderful, a mixture of tastes and smells that I was wholly unfamiliar with in beer.  The unique combination of resinous hops with the smoked malt were a revelation for me.   Continue reading

my dad’s beer

14 Jul
"Cream Ale" creeps me out

Light and fluffy

What’s this?  Three posts in 5 days?  What the hell is going on at Taphandle?  Craziness.  Strap in people.  We are apparently filled with the muse here.   Continue reading

Marble’s India Pale Ale

13 Jul


Well, folks lets file this one under better late than never. Miranda and I are renewing our effort to post more regularly. More for Taphandle and more for us. I am not saying we were away from the drink all this time but the drinking was more the, damn I need a beer and not the lets enjoy the fine brew.
So, we are back at it with Marble’s IPA, from the collection of beer Brian brought back from New Mexico months ago. IPAs are not for aging, so we are definitely late on this one but here goes.

The beer poured a deep gold or light amber, with little to no head on the beer.

Michael: Light spicy hops and just a hint of the malt. Really nice
Miranda: Floral hop with just the lightest hint of citrus. Hiding in the background is a very light sweetness.

Michael: It appear to be unharmed in the passing of time, bright hop upfront with just enough of the malt to round out the flavor. Just as in the nose, the beer finish with a lingering spicy hop.
Miranda: Starts with a straight bitterness, like those imparted by English hops. This all comes together for a spicy, off dry and lingering finish.

This beer has a light to medium body, and lightly carbonated. This made the beer very easy drinking.

Overall impression
Michael: An excellent standard IPA, I am again impressed with Marble’s offerings. Well crafted and flavorful, just the right IPA for hanging out at the pub and shooting the shit with friends.
Miranda: It is good, just the break I needed on a Saturday afternoon.

Well, this is not the last of the Marble beers we have, expect to hear about the red and amber ales soon. Or if you just happen to be in the Southwest, make Marble one of your destinations. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

what a cluster

10 Jul
Cluster of tastiness

Cluster of tastiness

I know some people haven’t been as high on Clusterfuck this year.  Last year’s was especially good, but I gotta say…I happen to enjoy this year’s version, too.  There is definitely a difference, based on what I remember from last year. Not sure there was a big difference in the recipes, but maybe the hops they used were slightly different based on this year’s crop?  Whatever the reason for the difference, I still enjoy this version.  With it hot in the house when I got home, it was the perfect antidote.  Crisp, with a nice intense bitterness and hint of citrus that finishes dry…like most DM beers.  It has only become available in bottles this year, so see if any of these are left in your local bottle shops and give it a go.

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