what a cluster

10 Jul
Cluster of tastiness

Cluster of tastiness

I know some people haven’t been as high on Clusterfuck this year.  Last year’s was especially good, but I gotta say…I happen to enjoy this year’s version, too.  There is definitely a difference, based on what I remember from last year. Not sure there was a big difference in the recipes, but maybe the hops they used were slightly different based on this year’s crop?  Whatever the reason for the difference, I still enjoy this version.  With it hot in the house when I got home, it was the perfect antidote.  Crisp, with a nice intense bitterness and hint of citrus that finishes dry…like most DM beers.  It has only become available in bottles this year, so see if any of these are left in your local bottle shops and give it a go.

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