my dad’s beer

14 Jul
"Cream Ale" creeps me out

Light and fluffy

What’s this?  Three posts in 5 days?  What the hell is going on at Taphandle?  Craziness.  Strap in people.  We are apparently filled with the muse here.  

Hate the name Cream Ale.  Not really sure why.  Just bothers me.  Cream Ales area a North American invention, as they were originally brewed to “compete” with the mass-market lagers.  They are usually a little hoppier (it’s definitely relative), have a higher alcohol %, and have some notes of sweetness.  They sometimes use corn or rice, just like the big boys.  These beers are not particularly creamy, like the Full Sail Session beers, although they have an element of it to them.  It’s been described as that “creamed corn” scent that some beers get, which is not altogether pleasant.  I didn’t get any of that off of this one.  As lighter beers go, it was nice to drink.  Easy to down and inoffensive in terms of hoppiness.  My dad had a few while he was here from Texas.  Not a fan.  Which was a surprise, actually.  He’s a Miller Lite/Corona man, so my brothers and I thought he would take to the Cream Ales with wild abandon.  Not so.  It became the running joke to order him one everywhere we went on the coast.  The four of us found it funny.  He did not.  Fathers are very predictable that way.  He took more to the Kolschs, which are somewhat similar to Cream Ales.  My dad is weird.

Enjoyed this while making dinner tonight.  If this was canned and available in six-packs there might be more of it at my house. Reminiscent of the Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Ale, which I like.  It’s not going to blow anyone’s socks off, but it’s good enough to keep you company while working over a hot stove or the grill.  Never been a huge Pelican guy, but I’m starting to think I need to take a deeper look at them.

Hope everyone’s weekend was full of good times.  If you drank anything worth talking about, leave it in comments.


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