a special draft

27 Jul
you never forget your first love

you never forget your first love

When I moved to Portland, almost 7 years ago, one of the first beers I had at a pub was Lompoc Strong Draft (later changed to Lompoc Special Draft) at the 5th Quadrant.  It was wonderful, a mixture of tastes and smells that I was wholly unfamiliar with in beer.  The unique combination of resinous hops with the smoked malt were a revelation for me.  Even better, as I have continued to drink LSD, no batch is exactly the same. Sometimes the smokiness comes through a bit more and other times it’s the hops that shine.  Occasionally you get some that really hits both notes, which makes for an intense beer drinking experience.  I wouldn’t call it session-able, but I decided to drink this today, after painting our shed and getting a bit of a sunburn on the back of my calves.  Here are my notes while drinking:

Dark brown color. Thin, hazy head.  Good lacing on the glass as you drink it.  Smell is sweet, with hints of fig and leather.  Some of that might come from the smoked malt.  There are definite notes of resinous pine below the surface as you smell and a nice intense hop bitterness with the initial taste. You definitely pick up the smokiness with the taste too, but this beer has always differed in smoky intensity from batch to batch.  I have always liked that this beer is a little thinner than you would expect, making it more “thirst quenching” in a way. It’s not chewy, and can be enjoyed even on hotter days.  Really great beer overall. 

It’s been some time since I had an LSD at home.  I am really glad I picked this beer up.  They don’t brew it year-round for distribution, but if you see it in the store, do yourself a favor and bring one home.  Otherwise, head down to 5th Quadrant, Hedge House, Lompoc Tavern, or Oaks Bottom and get yourself a pint.  It’s hard to find a more complex, and tasty, house beer in town.


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