Speakeasy Double Daddy

30 Jul


For Miranda’s Birthday, a month ago, my friend Ben helped me smoke some trout. Well he smoked the trout, I just watched. Now my Miranda is planning a friends baby shower, and she wants more smoked trout for appetizers. I can do this, I saw it done once, right? So here I am watching the smoker smoke and drinking Speakeasy’s Double Daddy Imperial IPA.

The beer poured fairly dark for an IPA, more amber than pale. This is no big deal, many an IPA is far from pale. The nose was almost all malt. For me, this doesn’t bode well for an IPA that is 9.5% ABV. That much malt should be balanced with an equal quantity of hops. Even if this beer was not dry hopped, the hops should be noticeable on the nose.

The beer starts out as all caramel malt flavor but this is quickly shoved aside by a strong-spicy, but not very complex, hop. This bitterness lingers to the finish.

Overall not bad but not great either, I will give Speakeasy the benefit of the doubt and will try it again. Why? Because, that malt flavor and lack of depth in the hops, screams to me this beer is just past it’s prime. I am going to have to do some thing before this happens to all the fine beer in my beer fridge. Luckily the solution is drink more beer. My summer schedule is slowing down, the house is painted and looks excellent, so I will be sure to pencil in a little more beer.


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