Happy IPA Day

1 Aug


Not only is it IPA day today but apparently the ballots for world greatest wife just went out, because I walked in to the house from work and Miranda says “you drink a beer, post it and I will wash the dishes for you”. Ladies and gentlemen we have a deal!

To celebrate I chose Green Flash Brewing Company‘s West Coast IPA. Before we get to the beer, I have to mention the bottle. As a home brewer, I really appreciate a heavy duty bottle and this bottle has the same weight as the new Double Mountain bottles. I will be keeping this bottle, refilling it many times.

On to the beer. The label lays it on thick “A menagerie of hops layered throughout the brewing process”. Beers from San Diego seems to be good at this posturing.

Anyway, this IPA poured a light amber, with a nearly nonexistent head. The nose was of bitter malt. The hops are not quite distinct enough to be classified as piney, citrusy or the like, nor do they completely obscure the malt. The taste directly mirrors the aroma, bitter from start to finish with the malt detectable in the background. The beer has a fairly heavy mouthfeel, yet finishes clean and dry.

Over the past few IPAs I have reviewed, I have come to the conclusion, their true home is in the pub. Where one can enjoy a fresh pint and all the wonderful flavors such a pint comes with. Speaking of a fresh IPA I think I will enjoy the rest of IPA day by writing a new IPA recipe to brew this weekend and drink another IPA, Lagunitas’s Maximus IPA.



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