IPA day

1 Aug
worth a sip, for sure

worth a sip, for sure

My initial panic as I left work was that I didn’t even have an IPA in the fridge to drink.  I had just found out that today was IPA Day, and so I was bound and determined to drink an IPA and throw a post out into the nether.  The drive home was mostly me contemplating when I could shoot out to grab a bomber tonight, since my Mom just got in for a visit.  I was sure I was doomed to waiting another night to have that IPA.  But guess what?  Leftovers!  I had one Oak Shire Watershed IPA in the fridge from our cookout last week.  I lived a charmed life, for sure.The truth is, I don’t drink a lot of Oak Shire beers.  I have occasionally picked up an O’Dark:30 to enjoy, but that’s where my interaction with this Eugene-based brewery starts and stops.  I picked this beer up because I wanted all cans at the party last week.  Sort of my attempt to find a whole range of styles in cans kind of thing.

There was nothing that stood out with this beer, but there was nothing to give me heartburn, either.  It was approachable and pretty darn tasty.  6.7% ABV and 70 IBUs, with lots of pine and grapefruit in the nose and flavor.  Light-bodied in a good way, perhaps a bit less balanced than desired, and an excellent can design.  Seriously, why can’t more breweries tone down the design and go for the clean-line look on their cans.  Ft. George does a nice job.  I have talked before about Santa Fe Brewing Company and their can designs.  Oak Shire has done a nice job of making their cans look like an approachable beverage in aluminum.  But I digress…good beer, worth your time if you are looking for canned beer for camping or a cookout.

Hope everyone got a chance to toast the IPA today.  If not, catch up tomorrow and none will be the wiser.


One Response to “IPA day”

  1. Miranda August 1, 2013 at 9:43 PM #

    Apparently great minds think alike! Happy IPA day! And thank goodness I helped you pick that one out 😉

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